CareerConvos provides guidance and support on each step of your career journey.


The coaching you receive for salary negotiation will be completely customized to your needs. 

I provide guidance for people who are either negotiating inside their existing organization (e.g., a raise / additional benefits / a change in job, etc.) or for those interviewing with new organizations. 

Additionally, I have developed a Salary Negotiation Playbook that will walk through key negotiation tactics needed to successfully prepare for a career negotiation.


The coaching you receive for interview preparation will be focused on the areas you need to strengthen and perfect the most. 

I provide mock interview practice and real life interview scenarios, frameworks to nail down confident and succinct answers for the questions you struggle with, help you strategize on how to utilize the interview as a two-way information sharing opportunity to assess if the role is really right for you, and overall instill confidence in you to successfully communicate your value.


The coaching you receive for the tools that help you present your professional brand to the world (LinkedIn and your resume) will be guided by what is on par for your industry and combined with your personal esthetic and preferences. 

I will help you pull out the key components of your skills and experiences to appeal to the job opportunities you are targeting and better communicate your value in the job marketplace. 


The coaching you receive will help strategically navigate your career steps whether you are an experienced professional making a career change, climbing a direct ladder to a specific goal or taking a matrixed approach to tackling your career trajectory. 

From articulating your transferrable skills as you change careers or industries, from working through exercises to strategically comb your network to increase your chances of getting a foot in the door, to targeting companies or roles that will best fit your skill set, I can help you chart your overall plan to achieving your desired next steps in your career.